Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Steve Reich talks to RBMA

New York composer, musician and pioneering sonic experimentalist Steve Reich gave a lecture to the Red Bull Music Academy last week, taking in his life in music and the outward progression from his earliest experiments with tape loops to fully expansive orchestral pieces [thanks to FACT, once again, for drawing attention to this]. As well as coming across as a disarmingly down to earth individual, he makes some interesting points about the role of machines and electronics in music, taking a modernist stance many miles from the one many classically trained composers, either of then or now, would.

"We live in a time when it’s possible to get ideas for live music from machines, and to get ideas for computer music from live music, that are perfectly valid and will work if you get it right. And that to me is an answer to the people who look at anybody who does electronic music as a bunch of robots."

A fascinating insight into a fascinating musician. The entire full-length video of the lecture can be watched here, along with ones from Roska, Jazzie B, A Guy Called Gerald and more.

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