Sunday, 21 February 2010

Highpoint Lowlife - 2010 Mixtape

The love for the Highpoint Lowlife label round these parts is hardly well hidden. Almost everything they've released in the last year or so has been of an excellent pedigree, from the nocturnal techno and grainy textures of TVO and 10-20, through blistering rave from Hot City and the softer ambience of Pausal.

The latest EP in 10-20's Landforms series, Mountain, is due to drop any day now (review forthcoming in the next few days), but in the interim period label boss Thorsten Sideb0ard has put together a mix of the label's forthcoming material for 2010. It's available to listen and download from the label's blog and is well worth checking out, including as it does upcoming material from (amongst others) Brassica, Production Unit, 10-20 and Mandelbrot.

The label's never been one for sticking to an easily defined raft of styles, instead choosing to showcase a wide range of material that tends to be united in a slightly different or unusual outlook. The variety of stuff on the mixtape bodes well for this trend continuing well into the next few months.

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