Friday, 26 February 2010

Seb Rochford Mixtape

As if it wasn't already enough to have the biggest hair and the most laid back persona in contemporary jazz, Seb Rochford only has to go and prove to the world that he's got the best music taste as well. The fiend.

In advance of the release next week of his main band (
maybe? Who really knows anymore) Polar Bear's stunning new album Peepers -- which will be getting a glowing review on these very pages imminently -- he's put a rather excellent mixtape up on Soundcloud for download, pulling together a host of stuff from the expected (Zed-U, Lightning Bolt) to the surprising (Harmonic 313, Cooly G).


That's right, Seb Rochford listens to
Cooly G.

Seb Rochford (Polar Bear) mixtape by theleaflabel

Photo by Paul Troughton

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