Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Ex & Brass Unbound + Zun Zun Egui

Last Friday the Fleece played host to the opening night of an eagerly anticipated tour: The Ex & Brass Unbound, featuring the jazz chops of Mats Gustafsson, Ken Vandermark, Roy Paci and Walter Wierbos. Even better, our local firebrands Zun Zun Egui were in support.

I reviewed the gig in full for Muso's Guide, but suffice to say that it was a singular experience - the entire time teetering on the edge of chaos, with excursions into free-jazz and frenzied Afrobeat all reined in by the skill of each musician on stage. Exhausting, but thoroughly worthwhile.

"And there are points where the bonds do seem to dissolve almost entirely – around halfway through the set everything falls away to a blaze of muddy background noise, structureless until Mats Gustafsson suddenly enters the vacant space with a furious and soulful saxophone figure. Whether it’s entirely planned or entirely improvised – or somewhere in the middle – it’s impossible to say, but it hardly matters.

Full review up here. I strongly urge you to make the effort to try and catch them at one of the remaining three dates.

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