Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Other Peoples' Tunes 1: The 'F**k National Express' Mix

So called because it was thought out and planned on a hugely delayed bus from Bristol to London. Here's my middle finger to National Express: proof that something productive can come from the fact that one of your buses got 'lost' on the M4.

A new mix of other peoples' tunes - some new, some old - recorded by myself on Ableton in one go, no overdubs, re-recording or somesuch. Tracklist below:

Naphta – Soundclash 1 (Grievous Angel VIP)

Ghost – In The Club

Brackles – Rawkus

Asusu – Taurean

Guido – Chakra

Darkstar – Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer

Relocate – Origins (Original Mix)

Geiom – Bubbles

Scuba – Aesaunic

Peverelist – Clunk Click Every Trip

Pangaea – Router

Untold – Don’t Know, Don’t Care

Octa Push – Dubsssh

Ramadanman – Revenue (Untold Remix)

Roll Deep – Eskimo (Vocal Mix)
Sully – A Reminder

Joy Orbison – BRKLN CLLN

Ghosts On Tape – Predator Mode (Roska Remix)

Geeneus – Yellowtail VIP

Pearson Sound – Indelible
The Hizatron – Von Glooperstein

Kowton – Stasis (G Mix)

Download here, if the idea takes your fancy.

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