Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Harmonia & Eno '76 [Amazing Sounds]

I’ve already discussed the merits of Shackleton’s meditative remix of Harmonia & Eno’s ‘Sometimes In Autumn’, back when it was free to download from RCRD LBL, but it bears repeating. In light of his staggering Three EPs album (which I reviewed in full for Drowned In Sound), already a strong contender for best of the year, it showcases a little of the new direction to his sound. Both intangible and incredibly forceful at the same time, it’s of a more widescreen nature than his material for Skull Disco, allowing sudden sunlight to lance in through occasional breaks in the cloud. It’s finally released on wax this month through Amazing Sounds, the new label from DJ/producer duo Allez-Allez, along with a second remix through Bristol boys Appleblim & Komonazmuk.

Both remixes stay true to the spirit of the originals, emphasising Eno’s talent for ambient texturing and lending each track a motorik sense of calm embedded in trancelike, repeating elements. Of the two, Appleblim & Komonazmuk’s take on ‘By The Riverside’ is the more oppressive, as the duo fill every space available with a sampleadelic wash of percussive and melodic shards as though viewing the original through a kaleidoscope. The result is a deep, limpid pool of sound that seems to draw the listener ever further from lucidity.

In another exciting remix development, FACT announced today that Shackleton has created a full remix EP of London band Invasion, entitled Invasion vs. Shackleton: Wizards In Dub. Expectant ears are imagining some sort of crossover not a million miles from Massive Attack & Mad Professor's No Protection album. Appetite suitably whetted.

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