Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New Four Tet album!

I watched Kieran Hebden DJ in Bristol this weekend. It certainly wasn't the slowed down techno pulse I'd expected from previous outings and his regular appearances at Border Community nights in the past. Instead his two hour or so period on the decks jumped stylistically from the swirling minimalism of his hypnotic 'Ringer' - a track which comes to life in a club like no other - to shuffling funky from the likes of Roska and Hard House Banton and a sudden, oh-so-right emergence of So Solid Crew's 'Oh No'. From the sounds of it, he's been absorbing and processing a host of welcome influences - his new 12" 'Love Cry', released last week with the minimum of fanfare, climaxes with a chorus of chopped female vocals and stuttering bass straight out of a UK funky track.

Today FACT have gone one better and confirmed that connection further
- Hebden's new Four Tet album is to be released on January 25th. Entitled There Is Love In You, it will be preceded by a remix 12" later this month from none other than Roska and Joy Orbison. This is going to be big. Four Tet's recent work has been uniformly stunning - expect no difference here. Also, nice picture.

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