Thursday, 22 October 2009

Track of the day: October 22nd

Glover Gill & Tosca Tango Orchestra – 'Ballade 3'

I’ve recently rediscovered Richard Linklater’s bewitching Waking Life, a synaesthetic drift through the life of a man struggling to comprehend his current consciousness. It really is a wonderful film, subtly exploring the nature of reality and dream without ever being predisposed to pass judgment on the truth of either, and lent an extra dimension by the use of then-pioneering rotoscope animation techniques to manipulate the characters’ filmed environment. The result is a constantly shifting and unnervingly alive backdrop to a series of increasingly intense social interactions that reach a crescendo and diminish to an indefinite close – not dissimilar from a dream’s sudden end. One of Waking Life’s less overt successes lies in its soundtrack, a haunting and evocative score by Glover Gill that encircles the film’s subject matter without overwhelming the narrative drive. The soundtrack stays with you long after the film’s close – the gradually overlapping layers of ‘Ballade 3’ form its emotional core.

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