Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Audion - Hecatomb

Under his Audion alias, Matthew Dear has put out some fantastic material over the last few months. Both ‘I Am The Car’ and ‘Look At The Moon’ were modern lessons in how to do minimalist techno the right way, all hypnotic bass cycles and haunted, nocturnal synth pads. I was unfortunate enough to manage to miss the London leg of his impressive looking Hecatomb tour, in which he integrates his recent work with all-encompassing whirlpools of light and synaesthetic patterns, due to exhaustion during the last few hours of Field Day.

Still, as he’s done a few times in the past, he’s giving away a new track ‘Instant In You’ for free if you join his mailing list. It’s a pretty good deal given that the only emails I’ve received from the list have been offering me free music, and the track itself – a slow moving, gently luminescent number - is well worth more than a cursory listen.

Photography: 'Sainsbury's, Redhill' by Nico Hogg

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