Saturday, 6 March 2010

Furesshu - Untitled/1983/Horizons [Project:Squared]

After the more overtly dubstep-related vibe of his contributions to the Echodub label, the debut 12” from Bristol-based producer and promoter of the rather excellent Seasonfive night Furesshu moves further down the techno axis. However, unlike previous Project:Squared conspirator Asusu, the A-side’s UK influences are almost totally downplayed in favour of dubby Berlin atmosphere and soft-eged tape hiss. ‘Untitled’ is a hypnotic eleven minutes of echo-drenched post-Basic Channel techno, focusing less on dancefloor immediacy than on slowly unfurling elements. Each individual component gradually finds its place across the track’s length, settling into a peculiar locked groove and exploring every possible permutation before fading.

‘1983’ resurrects the ghosts of garage a little more overtly, an implied flex skating across its surface in a similar manner to some of Sigha’s recent Rawww EP. In its austerity it comes close to some of the most abstract moments from A Made Up Sound’s recent Sun Touch 12”, stripped bare of obvious humanity save tiny vocal inflections that stack above a churning bottom end. ‘Horizons’ is a different creature again, a meandering wash of dystopian half-step that seems to strive for the most minimal possible approach. Consisting of little other than subs, insectoid clicks and a barely perceptible ambient drone that stretches to infinity, it’s relentlessly dark but impressive in depth. It may admittedly be the wrong time of year for Furesshu’s frosty chill, with the closing days of winter gradually fading, but his music remains convincing in its nocturnal gaze.

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