Monday, 25 January 2010

Hessle baby, Hessle

Hessle Audio is ten! Well, sort of – the official release today of Pangaea’s self-titled EP marks the label’s tenth 12” release, coinciding in a bittersweet twist with their final Ruffage Session on Sub FM. It’s fair to say that Ben UFO, Ramadanman and Pangaea can take a fair amount of responsiblity for shaping the current health of bass music – both in their DJ sets and through Hessle Audio’s release roster. Over the past two and a half years they’ve put out a host of material that didn’t so much predict the future of dubstep as help to remould it entirely, from Martyn’s anthemic ‘Broken Heart’ remix and Pangaea’s gorgeous, wracked ‘Router’ to the slithering pseudo-grime of Untold’s ‘Anaconda’.

The trio marked the final ever Ruffage Session with a four hour celebratory special, managing to fit in an impressive array of new dubs, classics and some archive anomalies. It’s available to download here. In celebration/commiseration mode, they’ve also made available an archive of their ten favourite shows through Sonic Router. Particular mention should go to the Appleblim and Bok Bok sessions, both of which are among the most rinsed radio shows I’ve got on a packed-to-capacity hard drive.

Below are five of the best from the label's first ten...

TRG – Broken Heart (Martyn’s DCM Remix)

Pangaea – Router

Joe – Rut

Untold – Anaconda

Pearson Sound – WAD

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