Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Put the fun between your legs

"Over the course of the last week Bristol’s Arnolfini has played host to an invasion of thinkers, doers and those of every persuasion in between, in an bid to form a collective mindset in the lead-up to the climate talks in Copenhagen in a couple of weeks’ time. The Bike Bloc was formed as a collaboration between the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination and Climate Camp, each bringing to the table their own perspectives and thoughts under a common shared brief: a group of people gathering together to brainstorm, plan, prototype and create a finished product over the course of a short and intense session."

I've just published a short piece on threadme's fantastic 'Thoughts & Finds' blog about this week's Bike Bloc project at the Arnolfini, which has brought together a disparate group of people to work collectively and pool ideas to create an 'irresistable new machine of resistance'. The result has been a set of prototypes for the bloc, built out of old bicycles, which will be recreated and brought into operation in Copenhagen next week. It's been a worthy and interesting project for the Arnolfini to be involved in, bringing a living, open art project to a public art space and encouraging the generation of novel ideas.


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