Monday, 31 August 2009

SCB, Scuba - whatever, it's great

Scuba's album of last year, A Mutual Antipathy, has done nothing but improve with age. Its mix of spare dubstep atmospherics with driving Berlin-inspired chill has gone hand-in-hand with the dubstep/techno explosion that's taken place over the last couple of years. His most recent 12", Klinik/Hundreds & Thousands, was his most straightforward and propulsive yet, but a new release coming soon on his label Hotflush sees Paul Rose moving further down the post-garage route away from overt dancefloor action.

It's a relief to see then that he's using his other moniker, SCB, as a means of releasing the kind of minimalist dub techno only hinted at on A Mutual Antipathy. This week has seen his first official mix as SCB appear, courtesy of mnml ssgs, and it's an absolute killer. There's not really any need to try and describe it, just get, play loud and absorb.

Download the mix here.

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